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"All warfare is based on deception."
-- Sun Tzu

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    Web Links to Honeypot & Honeynet Resources:

    • Honeypots: Tracking Hackers

    • A website dedicated to honeypot technology.  This website is run by Lance Spitzner, who is the founder of the Honeynet Project.
    • Honeynet Project

    • The Honeynet Project is a non-profit research group of thirty security professionals dedicated to information security. We have no income or revenue, all of our research is done on a volunteer basis. It is our goal to learn the tools, tactics, and motives of the blackhat community and share these lessons learned. It is hoped that our research will benefit both its members and the security community. Founded in April, 1999, all of our work is OpenSource and shared with the security community. The primary tool for our research is the Honeynet. 
    • Honeynet Research Alliance

    • The Honeynet Research Alliance is a community of organizations dedicated to researching, developing and deploying Honeynets and sharing the lessons learned.  Its goal is to bring together people and organizations actively involved in Honeynet research. Its primary means of communication iis a closed maillist.
    • Distributed Honeypot Project

    • The goal of lucidic.net is to organize dispersed honeypots across the Internet and share our findings with the security community. Focus is placed on designing and analyzing new techniques and technologies while developing methods for dispersed information sharing. For more information about Honeynets in general, visit the Honeynet Project. If you would like to contribute your knowledge or want to include your honeypot, email the Project coordinator.
    • Talisker's Network Intrusion: Honeypot Page

    • The site began as a single page of all the commercial IDS tools I could find. There were already a few IDS lists out there, but product after product would be out of date or obsolete, there were also a few good products which they did not include, still more lumped Host, Network and file integrity checkers together.  So I built a page combining all the web based lists plus a few from personal research.
    • Security Focus: Honeypot Mail-List

    • The Honeypots Maillist is a lightly moderated public maillist dedicated to developing and sharing the understanding of honeypot value, uses, deployment, and research. Its goal is to bring together people and organizations interested in the research, development, or security applications of honeypots and honeypot related technologies. 


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